Cominfo and its strategic partners work continuously to ensure the success of our customers' technology and security initiatives. We make significant commitments to each other, including investments in joint development, training, and marketing programs. Through our joint efforts, customers are able to minimize their risk, and maximize their return on their projects.

  • Platinum Partner
  • BlueRidge Networks:
  • Blue Ridge Networks developed the first commercial virtual private network. Now, the company continues to be at the forefront of new developments in network security technology.

    Today, BlueRidge leverage their proven security framework and strong authentication technology to provide the industry?s first practical secure wireless communications solutions. Whether it?s guarding highly sensitive information for government agencies or protecting security-conscious commercial customers in the finance, healthcare, and legal industries, their powerful secure communications solutions prove themselves daily in the most demanding security environments in the world.

    Gold Partner
    Using ATSC's proprietary application of electrostatic ion attraction, (also referred to as Electrostatic Attraction [ESA]), we can provide detection of programmed substances with unprecedented sensitivity. We can detect substances at long range to levels as low as a few substance grams. Targeting the specific fluctuating ions of the programmed substance make it able to bypass any known attempts to camouflage or hide the target substance(s). It can quickly and effectively scan a large search area targeting a specific group of substances in all types of environments. In dry, humid, cold, and severe weather environments, our equipment will identify the area(s) of detection and define the search areas for use of close range detection devices such as Trace Detectors and Canines. Additionally, the our units have been designed to be re-programmed (at Dealer-level) allowing additional substances, or groups, to be added should the need be required.

    Gold Partner
    RoamZone Security Systems
    RoamZone Security Systems is a security technology company committed to protection the people and institutions worldwide.

    RoamZone specializes in the development of detection technologies to prevent dangerous and elusive threats from becoming successful terrorist attacks. Our signature technology, The Beehive, is a spectral camera-based installation that gathers and processes data in variety of high security environments from airports to industrial facilities to provide the highest level of protection of life and property. Information is gathered that can discover explosives, plastic and metal weapons, and radioactive devices, such as dirty bombs and nuclear weapons.

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